Is Education the Next Market Bubble?

I recently came across the above chart from Clusterstock’s Chart of the Day.  It shows the education “market” versus the rest of the market, during a period where we went through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  The question proposed by this chart is same one that was asked about real estate many … Read more

Save Money with the Ghetto Big Mac

The people in this video have developed a “hack” of sorts to get a “Big Mac” from McDonalds just by ordering a double cheeseburger and half a small order of fries.  And although I would never try to pull this off myself, I would definitely consider ordering my next burger with Big Mac sauce.  Who knew you could do that?

Problems When Switching Over From Money to Quicken: Part 1

Before I made the switch over from Money to Quicken, I had heard a number of horror stories about people who had already gone through the process.  Everything from computer crashes and forced reboots to complete file corruption and loss of data.  You always have to take all of these with a grain of salt … Read more

How I Can Save More Money

1.  “Renting” DVDs from the Library 2.  Using RedBox Free DVD Codes 3.  Using Digital Coupons with My Safeway Club Card 4.  Cooking More Often / Eating Out Less 5.  Investing More Time in This Blog Things That Would Be a Waste of Time 1.  Peer to Peer Lending 2.  Buying Stocks / Timing the … Read more