Average GMAT Score by Undergraduate Major

Whether worthwhile or not, one of the first things to do when embarking on a long, competitive application process is to assess the field.  Based purely on a historical and statistical perspective, what is my GMAT score expected to be?

Below is a chart showing the Average GMAT Score by Undergraduate Major.  Finance was my undergraduate concentration and is a subset of the business category indicated on the chart.

Therefore, based on major alone, I’m predicted to score at the 50th percentile among my fellow Finance majors.  To get into a top school, I realistically need to score in the 90th percentile and get a 700 on the test.

One thing I think is lame is how business majors stack up against those who majored in humanities.  Seriously?  Did the average business major score 23 points less than someone in humanities?  I feel wholeheartedly ashamed from my undergraduate b-school brethren.  Maybe I should have majored in Engineering if I intended to get my Masters in Business all along.

All data was taken off of the 2009 report from GMAT Stats.

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