Wharton 2011 Essays: Consolidated Advice

Below is a quick consolidation of links for advice and analysis on the Wharton 2011 Essays.  I felt that using these sources has definitely changed my essays for the better.  It’s a great starting point if you are getting writer’s block on any one of your essays.  One consistent theme across all the advice has been that the word limit for the career goals essay is very short, at only 300 words.  The advisors listed have recommended using essay option 1, where you design an elective course yourself, to elaborate further on what your career goals are and why Wharton is a great fit for you.  The last link is the elective list from Wharton’s website.  It would be a good idea to go through these before picking a hypothetical elective for that question.


Beat the GMAT Analysis by Veritas Prep

Admissions Consultants

Wharton Site

Wharton MBA Course Listing with Electives

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