Weird Issue With Haas Application

While I was working on the final touches of my Haas application and starting to paste in my final answers, I noticed a strange bug with the transfer of information from the word processor to the browser.

For some reason, when you paste from a Microsoft Word document into the Haas MBA admissions application, while using the Firefox browser, it reverses the order of your sentences.  I’m not joking.  Not the order of the letters or the words, but the sentences.  I saw the last sentence of my answer at the beginning of the entry.  It looks fine when you first paste it in, but after you save and come back to the question, the anomaly appears.

The way I fixed this was, I pasted from Word into Notepad (a basic text editor) first, then copied from Notepad and pasted into the browser.  You’ll have to go back and redo any bolding or underlining you made.

This can be an error that’s easy to miss if you’re not careful.  Make sure to look out for this if you’re applying to Round 3.

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