Shout Out to My Fellow MBA Bloggers

As my blog has gotten older, I’ve noticed that a number of fellow MBA bloggers have listed my site on their blogroll.  I honestly haven’t been very good about keeping my own blogroll up to date.  The GMAT and the admissions process has a way of consuming your life and making you want to enjoy your free time afterwards.

Anyway, to all those that have listed me, I definitely appreciate the traffic and want to return the favor.  Below are the blogs that I’ve recently added to my blogroll.  I found these through Google Analytics, so they’re just the ones I know about.  So if anyone else out there wants to do a link share, please feel free to reach out to me:

mako at randomwok dot com

PS – I’ll get a more prominent blogroll widget soon.  Just need to find the right WordPress plugin…

1 thought on “Shout Out to My Fellow MBA Bloggers”

  1. Hi Random Wok –
    Really cool blog you have. Is there anyway you can add my blog to your blogroll?

    It’s a blog from 3 different perspectives about the MBA process. We are still in the process of setting it all up, but we will add you to our blogroll list as well!

    Ashley aka Motown (my pen name on the blog)

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