Post Ding Depression

Getting through work was tough last week.  Out of the five schools I’ve applied to, two of them have dinged me already, and since I haven’t heard a peep out of Stanford, I assume that’s a ding as well.  That just leaves two schools left, both of which I completed interviews for.

This past weekend was essentially my first, in over 6 months, of being completely free of any type of business school prep obligations.  No GMAT prep, no essays, no interviews looming.  And while this should have been a celebration of sorts, I really couldn’t enjoy it.  I spent most of it sulking and worrying about the future.

I’ve never really had a detailed backup plan, in the case that I get into none of the schools I applied to, but one of the things I considered was applying to a one year international program, like INSEAD or London Business School.  I also know a couple of schools offer rolling admissions, but I’m not sure I have the heart to put myself through the application process again, at least not this soon.  I’ve never really considered staying at my job.  The pay and the work life balance are great, but I know that I need an MBA to get the professional development I want.

My day of reckoning is in about two weeks.  Until then, my life is in limbo.  It’s difficult to find enjoyment in everyday things when I know my life is about to be turned upside down.  And when that happens, I’ll either be feeling great or as if I’ve wasted half a year of my life.

13 thoughts on “Post Ding Depression”

  1. i hear you. I know exactly what you mean. Dont you just feel like you are going over the interview details every minute and wishing there is something more you can do about the outcome? I hope you get into one of the schools and hear amazing news on 24th March. My friend actually heard back in the afternoon on the decision date for R1. Imagine the torture!


  2. What are the other two schools you’re waiting to hear from?

    I’m pretty sure one of the two will work out.

    Good luck!

  3. I feel you – I’m in exactly the same boat. Applied to five schools, dinged by two, radio silence from one and awaiting a final decision from two others (one of which is a school you’re waiting to hear from). Like you, I haven’t really thought about next steps if I don’t get in this fall. In the worst case scenario, I’m leaning toward pushing hard for a promotion at work, re-taking the GMAT over the summer and applying to a handful of new schools in the fall.

    Anyway, best of luck to you. No matter the outcome, at least we’ll finally have closure on March 24th.

    (Excellent blog, by the way.)

  4. Hey Mark, Hang in there.. I’ve been following/lurking for the past couple month on your blogs. My school choices overlapped yours, (R1), and the wait was excruciating. Three dings, one wait list, and two admits came on the same day, within 10 minutes of each other- what a roller coaster. And adding to the uncertainty, these two admits were the very last last two decisions to come in, and after R2 deadlines – I had made an additional R2 app out before those admits just in case they both dinged me.

    It is hard, but hang in there!

    Oh, and by the way, LBS is a two-year program. 🙂

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