Accepted to UCLA Anderson Round 2

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning and feel groggy is check all of my email accounts – usually there’s something in there that stresses me out and helps wake me up.   When my Gmail emails downloaded, I noticed an admissions decision email from UCLA. The official … Read more

Feeling Old

The other night I was watching a recap show of American Idol on Hulu.  The theme for that specific episode was for each singer to perform a song from the year they were born.  Okay, I thought, this might be interesting. As the segment progressed, these were the thoughts that went through my head, in order: “Wait a minute, I … Read more

Surviving the Wait Game

 One of the comments on my “depression” post last week, made by JustShip, really stood out to me: “… focus on other things.” I’ve been so used to giving it my all, and setting tough goals for myself that I almost feel obligated to be stressed out right now.  But there’s really no reason for … Read more

Post Ding Depression

Getting through work was tough last week.  Out of the five schools I’ve applied to, two of them have dinged me already, and since I haven’t heard a peep out of Stanford, I assume that’s a ding as well.  That just leaves two schools left, both of which I completed interviews for. This past weekend … Read more