Should Everyone Apply to Harvard?

A few years ago, I was sitting in a room discussing MBA applications with some consulting peers.  At the time, I had not yet decided to go to business school, but most of the others already had and were in the process of applying.  One comment struck me with intrigue: “Everyone should apply to Harvard.” … Read more

Net Worth Update: October 2010 – Back in the Saddle

Net Change: +$3,917.87 Net Cashflow: +$2,422.91 Investment Performance: +$1,494.96 October 2010 S&P Performance: +3.7% Dining Out Spend: $ (429.27) If you told me I was going to be $1000 away from my annual net worth goal this summer, I definitely would not have believed you.  I’m still not at a positive net worth, but I’ve … Read more

Too School For Cool

Remember what I said about not sacrificing my social obligations for b-school anymore?  Well… To be honest, things have been better.  I do get out more and don’t always feel like a hermit.  But I still find myself in the middle of the library in front of a laptop most nights of the week.  I … Read more

Review: The New & Improved Beat the GMAT Practice Question Set

UPDATE: For a chance to win free access to the Beat the GMAT Practice Questions, click here. Well I never thought I’d be doing GMAT problems again, but I just couldn’t turn down Beat the GMAT. Today, Beat the GMAT is releasing an upgraded version of their practice question set.  The question count has increased … Read more

The GMAT Hope Poster

During my three months of studying for the GMAT, I definitely had some rough periods.  The one that I remember most vividly was having to take my GMAT material with me on my vacation back home.  Not only did I lug the huge Official Guide 12th edition book with me on the plane, but I … Read more