More GMAT Memorization: Factorials

I’ve posted before about memorizing prime numbers, squares & cubes, and fraction, decimal, and percent conversions.  Here’s one more thing you need to memorize for the GMAT test: Factorials. Factorials will show up in number properties and combinatorics questions. The first time during my GMAT study I came across a number with an exclamation point … Read more

Save Money with the Ghetto Big Mac

The people in this video have developed a “hack” of sorts to get a “Big Mac” from McDonalds just by ordering a double cheeseburger and half a small order of fries.  And although I would never try to pull this off myself, I would definitely consider ordering my next burger with Big Mac sauce.  Who knew you could do that?

Verbal Humor for Intelligent Minds

The following puns will not help your GMAT Verbal score.  (In fact I’m sure they violate a number of grammatical rules)  They do, however, provide a much needed break from GMAT studying. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, … Read more

$50,000 1st Prize Contest from the GMAC MET Fund

The people who create the GMAT are holding a contest and awarding $250,000 in prize money, with $50,000 going to the first place winner.  Below is a summary from the webpage.: Ideas to Innovation Challenge The MET Fund Ideas to Innovation Challenge seeks to find the world’s best ideas for improving graduate management education and … Read more

Random Musings About GMAT Verbal

I’ve generally considered myself a quant when it comes to standardized tests.  However, my current GMAT scores show that my Verbal skills are much higher, at least according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council’s standards. When I peruse the message boards of Beat the GMAT, I often see posts from people completing the GMAT, generally of Asian … Read more

GMAT Study Update: The MGMAT OG Tracker is Awesome!

Even though I’m already in my third week of study for my Manhattan GMAT online course, I still haven’t explored all the resources available to me on the Manhattan website.  Last night I signed up for office hours with one of the Manhattan GMAT instructors and she informed about Manhattan’s Official Guide Tracker.  I downloaded the file … Read more