My 401(K) Five Year Return Chart

The above picture was taken from my iPhone while using Vanguard’s mobile app. If you use Vanguard, I highly recommend downloading their iPhone app, as its a one of the most sleek and intuitive portfolio management apps out there. (Plus it’s free!) So after three years of randomly picking funds, receiving poor financial advice, investing … Read more

Green Tip: Unplug Your Sonicare Toothbrush

I absolutely adore my Sonicare toothbrush.  I’m at the point where my teeth simply don’t feel clean when I don’t use it.  This is actually how I discovered this very simple green tip. I loved my Sonicare so much that, when I began traveling every week for work, I needed to bring my it with … Read more

The Best Sites For Quality Free Apps

The moment I created an iTunes account, I knew it had the potential to burn a hole through my wallet. With the iPhone and iTunes, apps can be downloaded simply with a handful of presses on your screen. This presents a very fundamental personal finance question to all the frugal savers out there: How do … Read more