Investing Genius

Below is my asset allocation on October 1st 2008. As many of you know, this was the month when the market crashed and lost more than a trillion dollars of shareholder value. 4.3% – Traditional IRA, mostly equity mutual funds 8.5% – Vanguard 401(K), mostly high risk mutual funds 87.2% – ING High Interest Savings … Read more

Ally Bank is King for Now

Recently a number of personal finance blogs have opened new accounts at Ally bank and reviewed their experiences with the online bank. This is obviously due to the high interest rate that the bank offers, which currently sits at 2.00% APY. The rub with offer is Ally’s association with the now bankrupt General Motors. In … Read more

Review: Amazon Games Trade In

When Amazon recently decided to get into the games trading business, the world of game trading was no longer monopolized by the d’bags over at Gamestop. The main reason for going through Amazon instead of Gamestop is that the credit you get is so much more liquid. With Gamestop credit, I’d have to buy overpriced … Read more